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Competitive audit and strategies

Competitive audit may include several blocks. Among them:

Competitive analysis:

  • Characteristic of the intra-branch competition and its forecast
  • Drawing up the competitive map of the market on the basis of quantitative data of market audit.
  • Choice of main, indirect and direct competitors
  • The comparative analysis with direct and indirect competitors
  • Analysis of the prices of competitors
  • The comparative analysis of used technologies, qualities of the personnel and other resources
  • SWOT analysis of competitors
  • Development of competitive strategy
  • Construction of competitive matrix (“BCK” – matrix of the direction and stability of the competitive trends, a competitive matrix of a segment”)

Management of factors of products` competitiveness

  • Commodity factors (products characteristics which can increase its competitiveness)
  • Market factors (market opportunities and threats)
  • Regulatory factors (legislative privileges and restrictions)
  • Resource factors (personnel, budget)


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