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Analysis of market capacity and potential

Search of perspective segments of the market

Appeal of a segment of the market to the company — this concept describing possibility of receiving a long-term and stable sales level and profit for the company in a certain market segment.

The analysis of appeal of the market, branch or concrete segment is carried out for: understanding of prospects of development of branch and assessment of the income in the long-term period, estimates of expediency of an entrance on the market and the analysis of prospects of the company in a segment, the analysis of level of market risks, and also for prioritization of the directions of business (in case the company operates in several markets).

It is based on the current indicators of the market (capacity, growth rate, number and quality of competitors, a price situation), and on prospects of its development (existence of new technologies, trends, prospects)

We will collect for you a pool of initial marketing information, as well as carry out its analysis, develop forecasts, prepare presentation and develop recommendations to target segments of the market.

For the analysis of the capacity and appeal of the market we use the multi-factorial analysis, based  on the reliable checked sources:

  • Data of the retail and hospital audit of a pharmaceutical market from the companies IMS, DSM-Group, SMD, Business-Credit, Proxima research, Vi-Ortis.
  • Official data on medical statistics and demography
  • Official data of economic statistics
  • Therapeutic standards and forms, conclusions of evidence based medicine.

The report can be provided to the customer in the form of PowerPoint, Word, Excel

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